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“Right-to-Work” Bill Introduced on SB 5 Anniversary


Five years ago, a tractor trailer carrying 1.3 million signatures on petitions for a referendum on Senate Bill 5 made its way through downtown Columbus, Ohio, to the Ohio Statehouse. Officials at the Statehouse were not sure that the lobby of the building could structurally support the weight of the petitions, adding to the sense of the momentousness of the event.

It was fairly clear that the legislation limiting the collective-bargaining rights of most public employees in Ohio—and completely eliminating the collective-bargaining rights of faculty at Ohio’s public colleges and universities—was in deep trouble.

As if to mark that anniversary, Representative John Becker has introduced a “right to work” bill for Ohio’s public employees.

What follows is the press release sent out by Becker’s office.

Note that the bill includes provisions that will allocate tax dollars to the development and dissemination of “educational pamphlets and brochures” promoting this clearly very…

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