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POSTED BY MARTIN KICH This is a photo taken in 1937 in Prague of a mechanism called an “elevator desk”: In a period in which Varidesks have become very popular and the emphasis on ergon…

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POSTED BY MARTIN KICH Our relationship with technology—and, in particular, technological advancements that are on the horizon and that promise major and not entirely predictable changes in how we c…

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The Concentration of Wealth Is Becoming Severe

Source: The Concentration of Wealth Is Becoming Severe

More on the Emphasis on STEM

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International Labor News

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Projected Job Growth, by Occupation, 2014-2024

Source: Projected Job Growth, by Occupation, 2014-2024

Slogans and Stunts Won’t Overwhelm Facts Forever

Source: Slogans and Stunts Won’t Overwhelm Facts Forever

Statistics of the Day: Labor-Related


One of the refrains over the past four to five years has been how many Americans are unemployed but uncounted in the “official” unemployment figures.

The following chart does not suggest that chronic unemployment does not exist among certain demographic groups or in certain locations, nor does it suggest that a sizable number of those employed are not under-employed–in terms of having under-utilized skills, working part-time because full-time positions are not available, or getting paid less currently than previously.

But the chart does show that the very real problems with unemployment and under-employment have been used to create a much more negative impression of overall employment than is actually supported by the numbers.


If the current trajectory continues under President Trump, he will have something real to brag about. If not, he is going to have to say something more than the numbers have been “rigged” to make him look…

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John McNay Appears on America’s Workforce Radio



On January 3, John McNay, the President of the Ohio Conference of AAUP, appeared with Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga on Ed Ferenc’s radio program “America’s Workforce Radio.” Among other topics related to the labor movement, they addressed “right to work” theats looming in Ohio and nationally.

The audio of the program is available at:


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Statistics of the Day: Labor-Related