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When Truthful Answers Are So Very Hard to Find


I received this somewhat lengthy item in my e-mail this evening; perhaps financial desperation is making people more amenable to reading the longer pieces that we have been repeatedly warned that no one bothers to read anymore:

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First, I am shocked that according to, one-third of Baby Boomers will survive retirement. I am not sure what post-retirement life involves, but I am very interested in exploring the options, on the off-chance that my “clean living” doesn’t cut short my life prematurely.

Second, this sort of e-mail has actually become very commonplace among Far-Right media sources. Apparently, amid all the reports of the manifold ways in which President Obama is subverting the Constitution, conniving to eliminate the rights of real Americans, clandestinely imposing Sharia Law, and setting the stage for his political opponents to be eliminated by plagues, by terrorists, and by rampaging mobs of lawless illegal immigrants and…

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The Pie Is Getting Bigger . . . American Workers Helped Bake It . . . But Most of Them Aren’t Getting a Bigger Slice


Remarks By 
U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez,
AFL-CIO National Summit on Raising Wages,
Washington, D.C.,
January 7, 2015

[as prepared for delivery]

Good morning brothers and sisters! MaryBe, thank you so much for that generous introduction—and more importantly for your great work and leadership in North Carolina. Thank you, Rich Trumka, for this opportunity—and for your remarkable, unflinching devotion every single day to the interests of working families.

I’m honored to start the new year with all of you, with so many of the nation’s most passionate champions for economic justice and the dignity of work. And I’m especially pleased to talk about an issue that I believe represents the unfinished business of this recovery and one of the most urgent challenges facing the nation.

The Recovery

But I want to start today by pulling back for a wide shot. You can’t fully understand today’s economy without…

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