Exactly Who Is Working Fewer Hours, Earning More, and Enjoying More Leisure?


These are the opening paragraphs of a brief article by Marian Tupy for Reason

“One of my favorite Human Progress datasets comes from the Conference Board and deals with the decline in the amount of work over time. Globally, a worker could expect to work 2,227 hours in 1950. By 2016, however, he or she worked only 1,855 hours. That’s a decline of 17 percent.

“Over the same time period, global inflation-adjusted income per capita per year rose from $11,578 to $24,400, or 111 percent. Put differently, we are working less while making more money.”

Notwithstanding the assertions of the family time and sleep sacrificed by successful workaholics, I am fairly certain that this trend may be true of many earners in the top quarter to third of the American workforce.

But I am even more certain that a great many American workers would be taken aback reading those…

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