Strikes by Faculty and Students at an Indian University


If the kind of mass strike reported in my previous post on labor unrest in India have become historical curiosities in the U.S., strikes by faculty and students at American universities do still occur, even if relatively rarely—and very rarely in tandem.

But this past week at Central University of Hyderabad, both faculty and students went on strike for somewhat different reasons.

According to the website Scroll.In, the faculty strike was caused by a raid by local police on a faculty member’s living quarters. In some ways, the strong response to the incident will seem very understandable to American faculty, but in other ways, the cultural factors will probably seem ambiguous, if not obscure:

“The teachers are on strike about an incident that occurred on May 31, during the holidays, when the campus was largely deserted. Based on a verbal complaint of ‘illegal occupancy’ and ‘nuisance,’ the campus security…

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