“Right to Work,” by the Numbers: Part 9: Previously Uninsured Americans Who Now Receive Health Insurance through the Federal Exchanges Established under the Affordable Care Act


Pro-Labor and Right-to-Work States

Uninsured, by State, in August 2014:

Uninsured in August 2014

Source: Gallup Well-Being Index [http://www.well-beingindex.com/].

Uninsured, by County, in August 2014:

Uninsured in August 2014, by County

Source: Enroll America [https://www.enrollamerica.org/research-maps/maps/changes-in-uninsured-rates-by-county/]

Percentages Using Federal Exchanges:

Percentages Using Federal Exchanges

Source: Washington Center for Equitable Growth [http://equitablegrowth.org/interactive/aca-beneficiaries/]


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My other posts on “right to work” have included:

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