Major Attack on Public-Employee Unions in Illinois


The recently inaugurated Republican governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has signed an executive order banning public-employee unions from collecting fair-share contributions from those employees who choose not to belong to the unions that represent them.

I very recently did a post on the very skewed logic behind “right to work” legislation—see

Rauner, previously the CEO of a private-equity firm, would like to see Illinois become a “right to work” state and has advocated that local communities pass right-to-work ordinances that apply all public and private unions since the Democratic control of both houses of the legislature makes the passage of such legislation seemingly impossible on a statewide level.

Rauner has presented three main arguments for imposition of “right to work,” all of which have become as commonplace as they are misleading.

The first of Rauner’s arguments is that workers should not have to be represented by unions to which…

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