John McNay, President of the Ohio Conference, Addresses “Right to Work”


John T. McNay is a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati, president of the Ohio Conference, American Association of University Professors, and author of “Collective Bargaining and the Battle of Ohio: The Defeat of Senate Bill 5 and the Struggle to Defend the Middle Class,” published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013.

This op-ed originally appeared in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.


Ohioans who value democracy will be right to reject any attempts to impose “right-to-work” laws in the Buckeye State.

Anti-workers groups call these “Workplace Freedom” laws to mislead and deceive voters but they impose anything but freedom on workers.

Why is this true?

RTW laws clearly crush democratic processes established at union workplaces. Every union is established by a democratic vote of the employees, a vote that is carefully and legally monitored to produce a fair and just outcome. Through their vote to unionize, workers win the…

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