A Far-Right Alternative to Raising the Minimum Wage


Reason provides a very Libertarian slant on current issues. The articles consistently reflect a Far-Right ideology, but there is little of the very obvious pandering to parochialism and paranoia that taints many other major Far-Right publications, from World Net Daily to the American Spectator to even the National Review. True to the periodical’s title, most of the writing has a consistently reasonable tone. That approach makes the authors’ perspectives on current issues refreshing and, at the same time, even more dangerous than most of the more provocative rhetoric coming from the Far Right.

Take, for instance, a recent article by Sheldon Richman. Titled “Let’s Make 2014 the Year of the Low-Wage Worker,” the article makes the case that the elimination of licensing will do more for low-wage workers than raising the minimum wage. The premise is that the licensing required to provide many services does not really work primarily…

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