Right to Work, by the Numbers: Part 6


Loss of Employment in Manufacturing before and during the Great Recession

The following chart shows the loss of manufacturing jobs, by state, in the decade between 1996 to 2005. The right-to-work state are indicated in boldface type.

States with a Loss of More than 20 Percent of Their Employment in Manufacturing:

Alabama     74,900    
Colorado   42,500
Connecticut   52,000
Delaware   10,300
Illinois 224,000
Maine   20,800
Maryland   37,400
Massachusetts 109,600
Michigan 210,000    
Mississippi     57,400
New Hampshire   24,200
New Jersey 104,800
New York 222,000
North Carolina   228,000    
Ohio 216,000
Oklahoma     35,000    
Pennsylvania 199,600
Rhode Island   19,800
South Carolina     77,900    
Virginia     79,400    
Washington 102,400
West Virginia   16,300

This chart would seem to support the value of right-to-work since only six of the 22 worst-performing…

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