President Obama’s Weekly Address: Commemorating Labor Day But Not Labor


What follows is the press release of President Obama’s Labor Day address. It is full of nice sentiments amorphously framed.

How does a Democratic president deliver make a statement commemorating Labor Day without ever using any of the following words: “union,” “bargaining unit,” “organized labor,” or even “labor.”

During the Democratic Convention in 2012, the AFL-CIO held a massive rally in Philadelphia, tacitly protesting the decision to hold the convention in the “right-to-work” state of North Carolina. A union officer at that rally was asked if he would vote for Obama despite the president’s lukewarm support of organized labor. After thinking for a moment, the man said, “The choice between Romney and Obama may be a choice between a cerebral hemorrhage and a slow bleed, but who is going to choose the cerebral hemorrhage?”

That’s where we are. Low-wage workers employed in dozens of occupational sectors across the nation are…

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