GOP Tries to Turn Labor Day into “Nation of Builders” Day


In Congressional Republicans’ weekly radio address, ostensibly commemorating Labor Day, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R—Pennsylvania) never mentions unions, organized labor, or collective bargaining. In fact, he uses the word “workers” only five times while using the word “business” three times, and he seems to suggest that most of what he has learned about workers’ problems he has learned while attending business-sponsored luncheons and other comparable events.

Fitzpatrick begins by complaining that the Obama administration has ignored the issue of jobs.

Then with almost maddening predictability, he then spends half of his address complaining about the anti-business effect of “Obamacare” and the administration’s energy policies—especially bemoaning that the President has failed to approve the Keystone pipeline, a “shovel-ready project.”

Fitzpatrick is, of course, very much speaking for his party when he ignores that it has not sponsored or even voted for one bill that directly creates jobs or, since the direction creation…

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