Where Work Is Headed—Addendum 2


In the non-stop, intensive media attention to the George Zimmerman murder trial, you may have missed another court decision, one with perhaps equally broad, if not as deadly, implications for ordinary Americans.

The Iowa Supreme Court upheld a dentist’s decision to fire his dental hygienist because she was so attractive as to be “irresistible” and thus posed a threat to the dentist’s marriage. The court accepted the defense’s argument that the hygienist was not fired because of her gender but, rather, because she did not dress or behave appropriately for the workplace.

I’ll let you decide why she was fired.

The hygienist had worked for the dentist for almost ten years. There was no evidence that her style of dress had changed appreciably over those ten years. But there was evidence that her employer began to take fuller notice of her style of dress over the last year of her…

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