Where Work Is Headed—Addendum 1


Shortly after I made yesterday’s post, I received an e-mail from the group trying to galvanize broader support for higher pay for workers at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants: http://lowpayisnotok.org/mcdonalds/?utm_campaign=LowPay&utm_medium=email&utm_source=McDonalds.

At the center of the page is a link to a video at the McDonald’s corporate website, ostensibly provided as a service to their employees and implicitly presenting the case that the solution to those employees’ financial issues is not higher hourly pay but better personal budgeting skills.

Below that link is a reproduction of the video, with the most paternalistic, self-serving, simply ridiculous, and inconsistent elements annotated.

But before you look at the video, here are a couple of facts about fast-food workers that may surprise you:

About 3 million people, roughly equivalent to the population of Mississippi, are employed by fast-food restaurants.

Only 16% of fast-food workers are teenagers, down from about 25% in 2000.

The median…

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