“Right to Work” Is an Insult to Intelligence


In the very near future, I plan to post an extended comment on the passage of so-called “right to work” legislation in Michigan, as well as a series to be called “Right to Work, By the Numbers,” which will provide much detailed evidence that this sort of union-busting legislation can hardly be said to provide any sort of panacea for workers.

But as a prelude to those posts, I think that it is worthwhile and even necessary to ask some very basic questions that have almost never been asked during the debates over the relative value of unionization and “right to work” legislation.

First, no one ever asks or explains how “right to work” legislation actually and specifically benefits workers.

Proponents of “right to work” will immediately recite talking points about the corruption of union bosses, the counterproductive effects of some union work rules, and the use of union dues…

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